Hello, I hope this finds you well... I am looking for a Stand Mixer in clean, useable (working) condition. I have some little one's who are VERY interested in baking and helping in the kitchen, and I would be excited to surprise them with a mixer! If you have one you no longer want or need, we would be happy to have it! Thank you for your time, we appreciate it! Keep warm and have a wonderful n...
Hoping someone has a Wii gaming system they no longer use for my husband... due to medical issues he has become VERY sedentary and is afraid to do pretty much anything, I'm hoping that with this he might get at least some upper body movement, which would be really good for him.
Hi there! I am looking for clean, useable canning jars, canning supplies and a pressure cooker for my little one's who would really love to can some Fruit and vegetables! Thank you for your time, I appreciate it. Stay warm out there!
I'm looking for a Salad Shooter. As long as it has the grater blade, that's the most needed blade. Thank you, in advance.
Need doll house furniture for newly bought, empty, doll house.